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We Are An Institution With A Difference?

We believe that only the best can produce the best. Hence our curricula like LEAD, Xseed, SPAES and Mathru Sri are the best in the country. All these programmes have been designed by professors of Harvard University. We have the best trained teachers who use objective and competitive oriented teaching methods for the all round development of the students to excel in the 21st century competition. Our progress card of student reveals this to the parent. Our curriculum includes GDs, Awareness programmes, thought provoking workshops, Guest lectures, skits, quiz etc. Above all Prathibha is headed by Directors with vast academic experience and excellence.



XSEED is an integrated teacher training and curriculum programme for schools aimed at implementing innovative teaching and experiential learning in classrooms.

XSEED children learn in different ways, which are also known as preferred learning styles. Centers for children with different learning styles while planning the teaching.

XSEED lessons are designed so that they can reach out to each child in the class room and engage him/her in the learning process.


An effective partnership between the teacher and the parents supports the children’s learning. Mutual respect and trust form the basis of this partnership.
To strengthen this partnership, teachers communicate regularly with parents, updating them about what is going on in the class and how they can support it.



We are offering MATRUSRI E-POWER syllabus from classes pre-kg to 9th. It is an integrated syllabus and it suits both N.C.E.R.T and state education boards.


Our well experienced and proficient teachers are exclusively trained by panel of experts and programme designers to facilitate effective and well planned teaching in the class rooms. Teachers are trained in keeping a positive outlook, motivating, counseling, organizing, instructing and leading.


An activity is planned for every month to bring out the hidden talents of a child. Apart from the Co-curricular activities, the lesson plan includes various activities to promote active participation in various competitions held in class and at school level. Our lesson plans include Role plays, debates, DVT’s Pair work and Group work activities In this process we have tied up with ZEE LEARN SCIENCE ACADEMY through which our students are getting exposed to the Japanese way of learning science. It fills the gap between teaching and learning Science.

A.V Teaching

  • The Child That Adopt a Direct And Practical Approach To Grasp And Retain The Concepts And Facts.
  • The Child is Familiarized With Its Self The Wonders of nature and the basic of the concepts.
  • The child tests his application abilities through different activities.